Fortress Louisbourg

The Site is located south of Sydney on Route 22, just beyond the modern town of Louisbourg. Take exit 8 near Sydney. Driving time is 30 minutes. An alternate route is the scenic and coastal Marconi Trail, Route 255, from Glace Bay. Driving time is one hour.

If you’re driving from the Canso Causeway, take Route 4, the Fleur-de-Lis Trail, or TransCanada Highway 104 to Sydney. Or follow TransCanada Highway 105 through Baddeck to North Sydney and take Highway 125 to Sydney. Then take Exit 8 near Sydney to Route 22. Driving time for either route is 2.5 hours

The Reconstructed Fortress: Living, Working Community

Each summer the Fortress springs to life. Dozens of costumed animators become the town’s residents of the summer of 1744. Period homes, exhibits and theme centres line the central streets of Rue Toulouse and Rue Royale, as well as along the busy waterfront.

Men, women and children enact the full range of society from the leisurely activities of the rich to the hard physicalAn animator dressed as a guard labour of the poor. You’ll see engineers, musicians, soldiers, merchants, street vendors, bakers, servants and fishermen.

The “residents” will surprise and delight you with stories, dances, music, nailmaking, cooking, sewing, gardening and animal care.

At the elegant home of Étienne Verrier, the King’s engineer, meet Claude Verrier. Find out about the layout of the town, its fortifications and the engineer’s activities at the time of the siege.

At the Ordonnateur’s Residence, watch impromptu minuets and hear harpsichord music. Experience the family life of a military officer of the Compagnies Franches de la Marine. Visit the home of Captain and Madame DeGannes. Discover some tricks of open-hearth cooking and the skill of lace making.

King’s Bastion

Surrounded by ramparts, the King’s Bastion is a fort within a fortress. The King’s Bastion Barracks is the largest building on site and in its day was one of the largest buildings in North America.

At Carrerot House, discover period building techniques. Visit the Museum and see a scale model of the Fortress and some of the Site’s earliest artifacts.

Dining in the Fortress

Costumed staff in period restaurants prepare and serve delicious food and beverages based on 18th-century tradition and recipes. The restaurants observe the church calendar, so don’t plan on eating meat dishes on days of abstinence (Fridays and Saturdays)!

At the Hôtel de la Marine and the Grandchamps enjoy a full meal or a light lunch. Here the townspeople and off-duty soldiers would have eaten, drank, gambled and gossiped. Visit the King’s Bakery and buy a soldier’s daily ration of bread!

The restaurants and bakery are open from June 15th to October 15th. Inquire about reservations for groups during this period at 902-733-3230. For special night time events call 902-733-2280 ext 3436. These concessions, along with the gift boutique, are operated by the Fortress of Louisbourg Volunteer Association.

The Feast of St. Louis

Held each year in late August to commemorate King Louis IX (1214-1270), once patron saint of the french military France. Enjoy the recreation of this 18th-century celebration with cannon salutes, musket firings, dancing, gambling, children’s games, music and a TeDeum sung in the chapel.
Be Careful

Please do not feed the animals

The Fortress of Louisbourg is a faithful reproduction of an 18th-century town. Many areas require caution when visiting. Some cobblestone walking areas are uneven and buildings dimly lit. Ramparts and walls are unprotected by guard rails, or barricades. You may see both domestic and wild animals on-site; do not try to pet or feed them.

For further information, contact:

Fortress of Louisbourg Volunteer Association
265 Park Service Road
Louisbourg, Nova Scotia
B1C 2L2

Phone: 902-733-3548
Fax: (902) 733-3046